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May 15, 2012 / Vicki James

The Complete Project Manager by Randall Englund and Alfonso Bucero

We just received our copy of  The Complete Project Manager – Integrating People, Organizational, and Technical Skills, the latest masterpiece from Randall Englund and Alfonso Bucero.

We skimmed the book anxious to find what the dynamic duo had to say about managing sponsors. We found our answer on page 122 under Managing Sponsors.

“We have come to realize that the progress in this area will largely depend upon complete project managers developing skills in “managing up” the organization. That means helping project sponsors understand their roles and what is needed from them.”

Our goal with Strategies for Sponsorship is exactly that. Giving project managers the tools they need to inform and collaborate with project sponsors so that the project has the greatest chance of success.

Oh, what does the next line say?

“We met Vicki James, a senior project manager…in Olympia, Washington, at a PMI Global Congress. We were impressed by how she approached this goal.” This is followed by a one page contribution from Vicki.  Lucky for us, she is already on the Strategies for Sponsorship team.

We found that the book was well organized with practical advice useful to any project manager. We look forward to reading the entire book and publishing a review.

The Complete Project Manager’s Toolkit is an companion book that provides additional tools for the complete project manager. Both are available on Amazon and Management Concepts bookstore.


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  1. vickipps / May 16 2012 8:27 am

    Along the same lines, I picked up the following quote today from Todd Williams as he was speaking to my local PMI Chapter. “It is the project manager’s job to tell the project sponsor what they need to do.” Here is more from Todd

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