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April 3, 2013 / Vicki James

Today’s quiz question on project management is…

by Ron Rosenhead

Let me set some context first before posing you a question around 150 of us were asked.

I signed up for an APM webinar on Monday of this week (March 25) and along with around an audience of 150 listened to Martin Samphire and Andy Murray talk about Effective Governance of Change.

It was a really worthwhile session and many thanks to APM for putting on this and other (free) webinars. The webinar was packed with lots of information and then we were posed a question.

A rather full slide listed the 14 APM Governance Principles. These are listed below. In themselves they are really powerful and I was musing that there are few companies I have worked in where not even 50% are adhered to when a question was asked:

Which of the 14 gives you the most problems? Continue reading…

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