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September 27, 2013 / Vicki James

Hear and read what Elizabeth Harrin (PM4Girls) has to say about Strategies for Project Sponsorship

Cornelius Ficht recently interviewed Elizabeth Harrin on the Project Management Podcast to find out what she thought of Strategies for Project Sponsorship as well as Do Nothing (Keith Murnigan) and Real Influence (Mark Goulston and John Ullmen). It is our honor to be able to share this with you. Additionally, Elizabeth has posted a written review of Strategies for Project Sponsorship on her site at

Thank you to both Cornelius and Elizabeth for your support of Strategies for Project Sponsorship.

The Project Management Podcast (Cornelius Ficht)

Episode 240: Book Reviews: Do Nothing, Real Influence and Strategies for Project Sponsorship

This episode of The PM Podcast will be especially interesting for all those among you who want to become better project managers, for those who love to read, or for those who fall into both categories. That is because our guest Elizabeth Harrin will give us her review of 3 books that are related to project management with lots of great takeaways for everyone.

The books are

  • Do Nothing by Keith Murnigan
  • Real Influence by Mark Goulston and John Ullmen
  • Strategies for Project Sponsorship by Vicky James, Ron Rosenhead and Peter Taylor

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A Girls Guide to Project Management (Elizabeth Harrin)

Book review: Strategies for Project Sponsorship

Did you fall into project management? Or get promoted to a project management role? Then you are probably a ‘accidental project manager’ – someone who never set out to study project management at university but who ended up doing a PM job by accident rather than design.

Now, apply that same thinking to your project sponsor. Did they study sponsorship, or did they simply end up sponsoring projects because their boss asked them to? They are an accidental sponsor.

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