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February 11, 2014 / Vicki James

Review from Todd Williams

booksWe are thrilled to have author of Rescue the Problem Project, Todd Williams, review Strategies for Project Sponsorship. You may know Todd as @backfromred on Twitter or from his work with eCameron, Inc. Todd has been a personal mentor and friend to me (Vicki).  You can see from my review of Rescue the Problem Project a theme between the books and how they complement each other for strategies for overall project success.

Thank you Todd!

Review: Project Sponsorship & Strategies for Project Sponsorship

As they say in the army, never volunteer. Nowhere could that be truer than when it comes to project sponsorship. Given a choice between a root canal and project sponsorship, most managers and executives start looking up dentists on the internet. It is a sad fact—one that project managers must deal with on a daily basis. It is often the project manager’s first solid opportunity to lead up.

Recently I received the book Strategies for Project Sponsorship by Vicki JamesRon Rosenhead, and Peter Taylor, all good friends of mine and trustworthy twitter contributors. It took a while for the book to trickle “up” to the top of my stack; however, when it did I was more than impressed.

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