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December 16, 2014 / Vicki James

PMI Identifies Sponsor Engagement as Top Driver for Project Success

PMI Pulse coverThe Project Management Institute (PMI®) published the Pulse of the Profession ® In-Depth Report: Executive Sponsor Engagement –Top Driver of Project and Program Success in October 2014. The report agrees with our views on the importance of the Project Sponsor for successful projects but goes a bit deeper into looking at systemic organizational drivers that impede effective sponsorship. The top three cited factors are:

  • Culture of the organization, overextending the project sponsor
  • Communication
  • Development of executive sponsors

We address communication and development of the executive sponsor in Strategies for Project Sponsorship. The report makes an excellent point in the organization’s role ensuring that sponsors are not overextended and the impacts of overextension (not available to remove barriers, schedule delays, delays in decision-making).

All in all, this publication helps to make the case for why executive sponsorship is critical for project success and provides some high-level strategies for improving the current state. Couple with report with the more tactical advice found in Strategies for Project Sponsorship to optimize the role of the project sponsor within your organization. Please share the PMI report with your organization leadership to help gain support in the campaign for project sponsorship.

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