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July 20, 2015 / rrosenhead

Who is driving project management in your business?

By Ron Rosenhead (originally published on

During a discussion with a client it suddenly hit me. Here we were talking about improving project management in the company but what was staring us in the face was the need to have a driver (a project sponsor); the vehicle had no one steering it!

The sponsor should be a senior manager. But, they were too busy; they failed to engage with the new project management processes. They wanted and expected delivery of the agreed agenda but took little part in ensuring projects were well sponsored – in some cases there was a complete absence of sponsorship leaving project managers floundering. In addition:

  • project monitoring was not seen as essential to project success
  • project boards got bogged down with low level detail
  • expected delivery dates were far too optimistic with resources available

Do not get the impression that the company was not delivering against projects. It was. However, it could have delivered a lot quicker and easier if senior managers only played their part.

Senior managers failed their driving test!

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