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April 16, 2016 / Vicki James

Should the project sponsor be able to delegate?

By Ron Rosenhead

This was a question that set me thinking. However, let me give you some background. I was with a client and I met two senior managers who set the context for some upcoming sponsor workshops.

I then met around 40 people – some team members, a mix of project managers and project sponsors to identify:

  • perceptions project managers and staff have of project sponsors
  • what project sponsorship is like at the moment – current practice(s)
  • what people would like to see in a project sponsor workshop

The meetings threw up many issues and challenges alongside different ideas; feedback kept rolling well into the afternoon.

Several themes stood out however one more than others; the above question. It was explained to me several times that a sponsor was appointed however this person was a figurehead. They were only appointed to give the project some clout, some credibility. But, they delegate responsibility for sponsorship to others having the name in title only.


Can the project sponsor delegate?

Should a sponsor be able to delegate?


So back to the question; should a sponsor be able to delegate? Of course, this depends on what you think a sponsor should do.

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